The Federal Air Administration’s inspector general told the FAA to improve their oversight of spending related to the $859 million air traffic control contract. The contact was awarded to Raytheon in 2008 to help them reach their goal of hiring 11,000 new air traffic controllers by 2021.

But the oversight of the contract was lacking in 2013, noting that the agency had spent $46 million in the first two years of the contract without the program hitting its training goals. In December 2013, the inspector general made 10 recommendations to improve oversight of the contract, including cost assessment and resource management.

The FAA had closed 70 percent of the recommendations by 2015, but the OIG found it had not yet created a training plan to identify requirements for trainees, developed a resource plan to ensure current controllers would be able to teach sessions instead of contractors and developed a budget assessment to ensure it to would have the resources to complete training.