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CMTS is proud to stand alongside Equal Opportunity agencies dedicated to eradicating discrimination and promoting equal opportunity. Our cutting-edge EEO Case Management Software empowers these agencies with the tools to meet the six key components of a model EEO program, as outlined in MD-715. Our aim is to cultivate inclusive communities, enhance accessibility, and generate positive impacts for all demographics.


  • Customizable Fields enable you to seamlessly monitor the most relevant case management details, including victim demographics.
  • Document Templates allow you to quickly draft and send various documents including Investigative Reports, EEOC Form 462, Mediation Agreements, Case Close Memos, etc.
  • Import Case Data into the system, such as historical case files, to streamline your investigations. Gain access to a wealth of information right at your fingertips, making it easy to search, reference, and automatically populate new cases.

Workflow Tailored To Your Agency

1. Informal Inquiry Stage

Boost your complaint submission rates with the most powerful, user-friendly, and intuitive form submission tool specifically designed for EEO Agencies.

2.  Formal Complaint Stage

Take advantage of our user-friendly document templates and file import tool to simplify the process of creating and submitting formal complaints.

3. Investigation Stage

Implement case-validation rules to ensure efficient execution of each step in the process. Comprehensively evaluate every complaint to determine if discrimination has hindered opportunity.

4. Disciplinary Stage

Seamlessly share pertinent investigative findings with appropriate authority in order to ensure complaint is resolved and justice is served. 

If you are interested in enhancing your team’s efficiency with our top-notch EEO Investigation Case Management System, we highly encourage you to explore the system and discover the diverse range of applications that have been specifically tailored to meet your agency’s unique needs.
View our brief demo videos, or arrange a customized demonstration tailored to your agency.