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Case Tracking System FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about CMTS

What is the origin of the Case Management and Tracking System (CMTS) product?

Through work with our government clients, we discovered that some federal organizations were still in the dark ages as it related to managing their case workload. Investigators were overloaded with cases and access to key decision data and status was very slow. It was an IT opportunity that presented itself as a problem in need of a solution. Read more about the CMTS origins.
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What distinguishes the CMTS product from any other case management and tracking software?

CMTS is an industry-specific product that offers affordable investigative efficiency through a configurable web-based reporting solution. CMTS allows each agency to configure dropdown windows to match their individual organizational workflow and business rules — at a much lower total cost of ownership.
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Is CMTS available on the GSA Schedule?

Yes, CMTS is available on the GSA IT Schedule 70 for purchase by federal, state and local organizations.
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Will I need to increase or create a significant IT support staff to maintain the system?

No. CMTS can be supported by your current system administrators with very little added training time, or by our staff if desired.
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Can I access the case tracking system at any time, day or night?

If you can access your organization’s network, you can log into the CMTS system safely, securely, and with ease 24/7. Learn more about the benefits of the CMTS investigation case management system.
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Is there a mandatory maintenance contract that’s required as part of the follow-on support?

No, you are not required to maintain a support contract. We do, however, highly recommend that you maintain a contract so that you have access to product upgrades and technical support.
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How long does it take to configure and install CMTS once the contract is signed?

The CMTS product can be installed as soon as schedules line up. We work with the client to get everything configured in a timely manner. It normally takes less than 60 days.
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Can the CMTS system be configured to meet my workflow requirements?

Absolutely. The CMTS system is designed to be configured to match the individual organization’s workflow and business processes. Our dropdown windows are editable to allow for tailoring. Our programmers can also modify any behavior of the system to accommodate client needs.
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Will CMTS require a dedicated server?

No. You can install CMTS on an existing server. It was designed to be easily integrated into your investigative organization. We also offer Cloud Hosting to CMTS customers. Contact us to learn about technical specifications or to discuss Cloud Hosting.
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Can I produce ad-hoc reports on demand?

With ease and assurance. The CMTS system is versatile in allowing ad-hoc report production in a matter of minutes. CMTS allows ad-hoc reports to be created in multiple formats for your convenience.
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Am I able to conduct individual and specific investigation and/or case searches within the CMTS system?

The CMTS system allows for searches by automatically assigned case numbers, by investigator or initiator, by open or closed cases, and by case name if you already know it. Using the advanced search, you can expand your options to nearly every field within the system.
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Can I perform advanced searches based on multiple investigator inputs?

Yes, regardless of the number of investigators, the data is correlated between Primary Investigators/Auditors and Alternate Investigators/Auditors. You can search from many avenues.
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What kind of case number tracking system is provided?

The case numbers are assigned automatically in sequence by fiscal year and a numbering sequence from 1 to several thousand. There is an initial case matter file (hotline, email, or phone call) that can later be turned into a full-fledged investigation. Each will have its own tracking number.
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Is there a correlation system embedded within the software?

Yes, there is a correlation system embedded within the software that allows you to perform advanced person correlations. For example, if Joe Smith is also listed as Joseph Smith in another case, the software will make that correlation. Or, if Mary Smith is the maiden name, but she is now married under the name Mary Brown, you can perform a search on one detail and the system will give you the possible correlations to help narrow down your search until you find your specific file.
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Can I do a case search based on the person, case number, or investigator/initiator?

Yes. This type of search is part of the search capability. Searching is just one of many features of the investigative case management system.
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Is the system modifiable based on my organization’s use of regulatory guidance?

Yes. CMTS is very flexible and can be modified as your organization grows or changes. It has a specific dropdown window for regulatory data and is tailorable to specific regulatory guidance that applies to each organization.
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Is CMTS a secure system from a user access standpoint? Are there restrictions on who has access to sensitive data?

The CMTS system was built from the ground up with security in mind. It is designed with restriction capability, where you can limit access to sensitive data. Only the staff given permission can access the database. You can further regulate things down such that you can limit individual case access on a by-name basis if desired.
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Is there an automated notification process for open and/or closed cases?

CMTS can be linked to your email server or any mail server system you have to allow automatic notifications for assigning cases, alerting of open status, closures, etc. As part of our implementation process, you choose the notifications that you want to receive from the system. Any data within the system can be used as the basis for either an event-based or time-based notification.
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Is training offered for my staff?

Yes. Training is provided either on-site or via web conferencing. We will equip you with the knowledge to manage the case management system yourself.
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How can I get a Demo of the latest version of the CMTS system?

Thought you’d never ask! Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a free demo and talk to our professionals about case management.
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Can I see a video of the case management product before scheduling a live demo?

Yes. Please watch our quick online tour videos of the Case Management & Tracking System.
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