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Benefits Of CMTS For
Investigation Case Management


Case Management Solution: Align Your People, Processes and Policies

Many investigative agencies fall into one of two categories when it comes to managing and tracking their cases. One, they have a bloated investigation case management system that offers far more than they need and is difficult to use. Or two – they are using a homegrown system built in Excel or Access that offers only basic functionality and does very little to help them hit their goals.

CMTS (Case Management and Tracking System) exist to serve investigative offices of all sizes. It combines the functionality needed to help investigative teams perform at a high level with the ease-of-use that facilitates quick adoption, consistent utilization and increased efficiencies throughout the agency’s operations.

Key benefits of the CMTS investigation case management system include:

  • Increase efficiency with a workflow configured to your processes and an easy-to-use design.
  • Reduce reporting time with ad-hoc and predefined reports exported in minutes.
  • View comprehensive case metrics easily with personalized dashboards and smart searching.
  • Manage team workflow using automated notifications triggered by case activities of your choice.
  • End unnecessary delays with idle-case tracking and other time-based notifications.
  • Boost complaint and tip submission with our online intake service.
  • Meet specific team needs with configurable labels and entry fields.
  • Rest easy knowing our system is successfully used by hundreds of investigators.
  • Be confident that your data is secure using onsite or cloud hosting on AWS.
  • Maintain internal firewalls using role-based permissions or sensitive case flags.
  • Ramp up quickly – training usually takes a day at most.

Of course, more specific benefits of CMTS can depend on an individual’s role. Please take a look at our User Roles page for additional information.

Another benefit you can leverage is quick purchase through the GSA IT Schedule.

Do you require an investigation case management solution crafted explicitly to cater to the requisites of government investigative agencies? If so, we invite you to look at the additional pages on our website, take a quick tour of our software, and contact us for additional information and a full demo.

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