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Helping to Maximize the Impact of Ethics Offices and Commissions

Some of the cases worked by the investigators within ethics offices and commissions can be cut and dry. A government employee did something wrong. There are witnesses who cooperate. The employee cooperates, and maybe they didn’t break the law knowingly. The case is closed, the findings announced and the employee pays back the benefit they received.

However, many cases aren’t that easy. There is a lot at stake and the government employees being investigated really don’t want to be found guilty and lose their jobs, especially if they are an elected official. These are not the types of cases where witnesses are cooperative, especially those accused. And the pressure on investigators to thoroughly wrap up these types of cases in a reasonable period of time can be immense.

In these extremely challenging circumstances, ethics investigators don’t need one more thing working against them. Unfortunately, that often ends up being the case when the office does not have an ethics investigations case management system that fits their needs.

The combative nature of ethics cases means it could be easy for cases to accidentally become idle when the accused or others they are close with won’t respond in a timely nature to your interview requests. With CMTS as your ethics investigations case management system, you can minimize your risk of having a case fall through the cracks by using idle-case tracking and other time-based notifications.

CMTS (Case Management and Tracking System) is configurable to the needs of your organization. Set up individual user dashboards so that each team member has an immediate view of the information and data most pertinent to them as soon as they log into the system. Reduce reporting time with ad-hoc and predefined reports that are accessible almost instantly, or better yet, have them emailed directly to the relevant team members.

Use the online intake service to make it easy for citizens to submit complaints and tips. After they submit the form, it is also very easy for you to process the complaint and start the investigation process, or dismiss it.

Please explore other ways that CMTS will benefit you, as well as the robust features the software has to offer.

If you are interested in an ethics investigations case management system to help you increase the impact of your office, we invite you to take a quick tour of our software, and to schedule a demo of CMTS by using the button below.

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