WingSwept will once again be an exhibitor at the 2022 Association of Inspectors General Annual Training Conference in Washington, DC.  Our case management solution, CMTS, was originally designed for the Inspector General community, and we look forward to any opportunity to highlight how the software can help oversee and manage fraud, waste, and abuse.  This training conference allows us to stay up to date on new issues and concerns facing the community so we can continue to develop our software to address these changing requirements.  We will also be connecting with existing customers and encourage attendees to visit our table to learn more about CMTS and schedule a demonstration to see this powerful tool in use.  We hope attendees will find CMTS as a vital tool in “Making an Impact” to meet, adapt, and overcome challenges faced.     

For more information about 2022 AIG Conference, visit 2022 Association of Inspectors General Annual Training Conference.