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Government investigative agencies across the United States fight an upstream battle every day. If they are investigating fraud, waste and abuse within their own agency, they are looked at with distrust by many of their co-workers in the agency.

If they are investigating businesses and/or citizens who may be defrauding their government and fellow citizens they are likely to get stonewalled from the beginning of the investigation.

In both instances, they are likely to be dealing with uncooperative witnesses, or overly-cooperative witnesses who may have a score to settle.

Government agency investigators are asked to be a lot of things, they shouldn’t have to be technology magicians as well. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens in instances where the agency does not have government case management software that fits its needs.

In many cases, they may be using Excel or Access or maybe something that was built within the agency some years ago. The platform offers minimal functionality and does little more than serve as an activity log.

Alternatively, they may have a comprehensive system that they were able to procure with all the bells and whistles. But this system is overly-bloated with too many modules and a difficult user interface, which results in minimal use by investigators.

There is a better way. CMTS is an easy-to-use and powerful government case management software. The software is configured to meet the needs of your organization and because of this the robust features don’t become more things that aren’t used, but important steps that naturally occur within your workflow, or notifications or reports that are delivered directly to the relevant people.

User roles are well defined so that each person is not overwhelmed with more than they need, but has just the right number of features to match their job. Individually configurable dashboards also provide each user a quick glance at the information and metrics they need to know as soon as they log into the system.

If you are part of a federal agency your reporting requirement are probably strictly defined. If you are working within a state or local agency your reporting requirements may vary. Regardless, the reporting within CMTS can be configured to fit your needs.

If you are part of a government agency that conducts investigations and you are ready to maximize the impact of your investigators, we highly encourage you to take a look at CMTS – please take a quick tour of our software and then request a demo by calling us at 855-636-5361 or using the button just below.

We look forward to learning about your work and discussing how our government case management software can help.

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