WingSwept’s Case Management and Tracking System (CMTS) was authorized by StateRAMP Moderate Baseline, which is built on the National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication. WingSwept not only strives to ensure that CMTS is the best solution for agencies, but also that it has the easiest procurement path of any case management solution.

What Is StateRAMP?

StateRAMP is a nonprofit organization that helps state and local governments find and select cloud service providers that meet their cybersecurity standards. StateRAMP provides a framework for verifying that Service Providers meet the security requirements and regulations needed to do business with state and local governments.

StateRAMP works to bring together policy makers, industry experts, and government officials to drive the future of cybersecurity. StateRAMP was modeled in part after the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP®), and is based on a “complete once, use many” concept which increases efficiency while reducing costs.

StateRAMP offers government agencies an exclusive selection of providers who meet the necessary capabilities and cybersecurity standards to deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions to state and local governments. This empowers local and state government agencies with access to highly secure cloud technologies, guaranteeing the utmost protection for critical data and facilitating seamless digital transformation while effectively mitigating risks.

Why Does This Matter?

As many organizations transitioned to hybrid work, they were faced with an increase in cyberthreats, particularly from insidious Ransomware and other malicious attacks. These threats not only jeopardize citizen data but also impose colossal financial burdens. Which is why many government organizations have required cybersecurity authorizations to keep their data protected. 2 years after launching 22 State Governments and more local and educational organizations are participating with StateRAMP.

While the Authorized Product List is open to all government partners, participating governments can access each product’s security package and continuous monitoring through a secure portal. Access to these resources is contingent upon provisioning by the service provider. This list will simplify your decision-making process and streamline the procurement of any future products added to your workflow.

If your organization is not required to comply with StateRAMP policies, you may find the task of choosing the correct solution to be overwhelming and time-consuming. However, knowing that CMTS has been thoroughly audited and adheres to the strictest measures in terms of IT cybersecurity can give you peace of mind that you have chosen a vetted software solution.

If you are looking for a secure and efficient case management solution, CMTS is the perfect choice for you. Contact Us today to schedule a demonstration.