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Inspector General Case Management Software


Designed for IGs, Evolved for Efficiency

CMTS was originally designed from the ground up specifically for Offices of the Inspector General. We’ve since expanded the functionality to serve other types of government investigative agencies, but the core that was built to serve the Inspector General community is still the foundation.

Conducting investigations within an OIG is difficult enough, but when your case management software seems to work against you every step of the way, or you don’t have case management software and are having to use something like Excel or Access, your productivity greatly suffers and your time to close cases is unnecessarily extended.

Client-Tested and Approved

We can help you free up more time for interviewing witnesses and examining documents by spending much less time battling case management software that doesn’t fit. CMTS is Inspector General case management software that is powerful, easy-to-use, and configurable to the needs of your agency. But don’t just take our word for it. Our client feedback tells us that CMTS is intuitive, easy to manage and well-supported by a company they trust.

Tailored Features for Your Investigative Structure

CMTS is loaded with configurable features to meet your specific investigative organizational structure. The CMTS notification system will help ensure that cases maintain their momentum. Idle-case tracking and other time-based notifications help you end unnecessary delays, while activity-based notifications help you manage team workflow. Visit the benefits page to see a list of key CMTS benefits.

In addition, CMTS not only allows you to create annual, semi-annual, or ad-hoc reports in accordance with regulatory guidelines, but it also allows for a myriad of system modifications as your organization grows and changes. And, CMTS is available on the GSA Schedule for fast, affordable purchasing.

CMTS: Continuously Evolving

It is important to note that CMTS is actively developed with updates and upgrades that occur at least twice a year. Many of our enhancements to CMTS have come from suggestions by our clients. We consistently ask our clients for feedback that will help us improve the software for everybody.

CMTS is Inspector General case management software that allows you to optimize your processes and maximize your budget. Enhance productivity, reduce the time needed to close cases, and stretch your dollars with case management software built for offices of the IG.

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