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Investigative Case Management Software


A Powerful Investigative Case Management Software to Help You Manage and Track Cases More Effectively

Government investigators have very difficult jobs. That’s true whether you are talking about an Office of Inspector General, Ombudsman, Ethics, or any other government investigative office charged with investigating fraud, waste, abuse, and criminal activities within the agency for which they work. That job can be 10 times harder when the investigators do not have the right tools to do their best work. Investigative case management software is a critical tool for helping government investigative agencies maximize their efficiency and effectiveness.

Your Comprehensive Investigative Case Management Software Solution

CMTS (Case Management and Tracking System) is a powerful investigative case management software that is ideal for investigative agencies looking to close more cases on a timely basis and prevent cases from falling through the cracks. We built CMTS exclusively for investigative agencies, focusing on creating the right balance between ease-of-use and powerful functionality. Client feedback reveals that CMTS is intuitive to use, easy to manage, and well-supported by a company they trust.

Visit the benefits page to see a list of key CMTS benefits.

The features list for CMTS is extensive, but importantly, every client uses the software differently because it is configured to the agency’s specific workflow and leveraged differently based on the agency’s specific processes.

Visit the features page to see a list of the robust features included in CMTS.

Why Choose CMTS

  • More Federal Offices of Inspector General use CMTS than any other case management software
  • Built specifically for investigators
  • 14 years of investigator-driven features
  • Actively developed with updates and upgrades
  • No in-house IT staff needed
  • Current clients include federal, state, and local government organizations.

We are currently working with many different types of federal, state, and local government agencies to help them align their people, processes, and policies. As a dependable partner, we’re committed to maximizing your team’s effectiveness.

Embark on a quick tour of our software’s capabilities. We invite you to schedule a comprehensive demo of CMTS by contacting us at 855-636-5361 or using the provided button. Witness firsthand how CMTS can revolutionize your investigative efforts.

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