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What Our Clients Are Saying About CMTS

Due to government regulations, we are unable to publicly share agency names, contact names, logos or feedback for many of our clients. We have highlighted a small sample of logos of some of our clients below, along with some of the positive comments and case management recommendations we have received from our CMTS (Case Management and Tracking System) clients.

A Small Sample of CMTS Clients:

Our Clients

CMTS Clients Share Their Experience:

We purchased CMTS in May 2015 and have been using the software for almost two years. The system is stellar and the professional assistance we have received from CMTS staff is unparalleled.

First, the ease of use and the degree of flexibility to customize the data entry fields was simply incredible… Second, this software is very intuitive. Third, the cost to procure CMTS was very affordable… we are very happy with CMTS.

We really received a great deal of value and new capability for the investment we made, which we believe will satisfy our case management needs for many years to come.

The Case Management & Tracking System is an ideal platform for investigative case management, whether conducting administrative or criminal investigations.

I would highly recommend (CMTS) for tracking cases as an organization – where everyone has access to case information at a moment’s notice.

The ‘search’ capability to quickly find names/prior events is impressive, as well as the ability to track trends and build metrics.

The recent CMTS update is wonderful! We love the new dashboard. So thanks!

Again, these are just a small handful of the many powerful statements and case management recommendations that we’ve received from those utilizing CMTS to meet their case management, tracking, reporting and document management needs. We’ll be happy to provide you with more in-depth client references during the procurement process.

Are you looking for a case management system that was built specifically for the needs of government investigative agencies? If so, we invite you to look at the additional pages on our website, take a quick tour of our software, and contact us for additional information and a full demo.

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