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CMTS Options to Fit Your Needs

When you make the good decision to choose the CMTS investigations case management system for your agency, you’ll also have the opportunity to choose options that will help it best fit your needs. These options can help you maximize its efficiency, and also stretch your budget, while you align your people, processes and policies.

Cloud Hosting

For clients that would prefer to host their online case management software outside of their agency’s internal network for enhanced data security, reliability or ease of maintenance, WingSwept offers a secure cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting is also ideal for agencies who have issues meeting or obtaining technical specifications and/or have no internal IT staff available. With this service, CMTS software is always kept up-to-date, and WingSwept ensures that server hardware is operational and optimized to run the latest version of CMTS.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Model

Many business software systems are now only available on a SaaS model. Instead of a base perpetual license, you may choose to license and pay for CMTS on the subscription-based monthly SaaS model. The SaaS model includes cloud hosting and can work very well for agencies who want easy access to their investigations case management system from different locations on different devices at all times.

Quick Start Implementation

With the Quick Start implementation our experienced staff will perform the install of CMTS with initial technical support to include software configuration. It includes consulting expertise to make sure you have a smooth transition and implementation of your system that meets or exceeds your organizational needs from day one.


We believe that one of the biggest benefits of CMTS when compared to other case management software providers is that most of our clients can easily use the system after a couple hours of training. We offer multiple options for new client training – on-site, at our facility and virtual. The best training option can also depend on how many people need to be trained. During the training we will ensure that all of your users have a thorough understanding of the software’s functionality and applicable resources that support the system. We will work with you to put in place the training option that will best facilitate optimal utilization of CMTS by your team.

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