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GSA Schedule

GSA Schedule

CMTS Is Available on the GSA Schedule

The U.S. General Services Administration issued a long-term contract with WingSwept for the Case Management & Tracking System in February 2011.

Federal, state and local government agencies can purchase CMTS at a discounted price using the GSA Schedule, with much less red tape. CMTS is an ideal case management system for investigative agencies looking to close more cases on a timely basis and increase their efficiency while tracking and managing everything in one secure place.

The value of our case tracking software has always been a major influence on customers with budgetary constraints. We built CMTS exclusively for investigative agencies, focusing on creating the right balance between ease-of-use and powerful functionality.

The inclusion of CMTS on the GSA IT Schedule 70 helps streamline the process of procurement. Access the CMTS GSA Schedule documentation here.

Our contract number is GS-35F-0218X.

If you are interested in an investigative case tracking software to help you standardize your workflow and close cases faster, we invite you to look at the additional pages on our website, take a quick tour of our software, and to schedule a demo of CMTS by clicking on the button below.

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