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User Roles

User Roles

Benefits for the Whole Investigative Team

The design of CMTS takes into account the needs of all groups relying on the software. By implementing ideas from the investigative community, along with our own, we’re constantly improving our investigator case management tools to best serve your agency.

Here are some of the specific benefits various groups of team members will see based on their role:

Investigative Executives and Managers

Gain new visibility into your team’s performance

  • Instant access to reports in multiple file formats
  • Aggregated team metrics
  • Case progress notifications
  • Time tracking
  • Quick searching

Investigators and Special Agents

Get more done with software designed for you

  • Case progression configured to your agency’s workflow
  • Intuitive, efficient data entry
  • User-configured home page dashboard
  • Version-tracked document uploading
  • Activity-based and time-based notifications

System Administrators

Enjoy quick implementation and easy maintenance

  • No special IT training required to administer
  • Quick ramp up time for users
  • On-site or cloud hosting on AWS
  • Configurable permissions for each user group
  • Simple creation and maintenance of custom fields

These specific benefits for each category of users in the CMTS investigator case management software help ensure alignment of people, processes and policies. The specific user-configured dashboards help each user see the most important data as soon as they log into the system.

Role-based permissions and sensitive case flags can be used to make sure only certain team members have access to specific data and/or cases. The CMTS team will walk you through the set up of all of these features during the initial implementation process and are always available for questions after that.

If you are interested in an investigator case management software to help you increase the impact of your agency, we invite you to look at the additional pages on our website, take a quick tour of our software, and to schedule a demo of CMTS by clicking on the button below.

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