Investigators juggle many cases, and each of those cases involve many steps.  Depending on the agency and on outside involvement, more than a dozen people can be involved in a single case from initial complaint submission to case closure and reporting.  Unfortunately, it’s easy for cases to get “stuck” – stalled without progress while one party waits for input from another.

Many case management systems (including our own) have configurable notifications built in to prevent this from happening.  Notifications can be configured to automatically email case participants and their managers when activities are assigned to them, or if the case has been dormant for a period of time.  We’ve had the opportunity to configure systems for many agencies – here are three valuable auto-notifications that might not be the most obvious, but have helped our customers stay on top of their dormant cases.  Consider them for your own team!

Case Has Task Due In 7 Days

Generally, investigators are notified when a case task is assigned to them.  Although it would be great if investigators could work a task to completion as soon as it is assigned, oftentimes they are already busy meeting other deadlines.  An additional notification that a task’s due date is approaching prevents deadlines from being missed when investigators aren’t able to work on the task upon initial assignment.

File Review Due Every 90 Days

At many agencies, files must be periodically evaluated by a supervisor before activity can continue.  This alert ensures that the supervisor is reminded that a file review is due.  In addition to alerting them beforehand, you can also continue to remind the supervisor periodically until the review has been completed.

Case Was Referred 7 Days Ago – No Response

As hard as it is to keep up with everything going on inside your office, it’s even more difficult when cases get referred to outside agencies such as prosecutor’s offices.  This alert will let the referrer know that the agency hasn’t acknowledged receipt or taken action on the case, ensuring that cases don’t lie dormant waiting for feedback from an external agency.

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