With the year coming to an end, it’s time to review some of the top blogs of the year.  The political climate has made this a tough year for public servants in general but especially for investigators. Our two most popular blogs were centered around keeping morale high. 

There were several other popular topics, however, including topics on management, security and proactive efforts to reduce wrongdoing.  We hope we’ve offered some valuable ideas on how to manage a productive investigative group!

Morale in the Morass: Focus on the Team, Focus on the Mission

When an agency comes under fire, it can be difficult to focus on the underlying mission instead of the public scrutiny.  Agency leaders have a big impact on how well team members retain their focus.  Leaders who work hard to keep their staff out of the spotlight often find that means accepting that the light will shine on leadership instead.  That’s an unfortunate part of the job, but it’s sometimes necessary to keep morale high.

Morale in the Morass: Why People Do Hard Things

When teams are demoralized, it’s important to understand what drives them, and to remind them of the importance of those things.  Most people who choose to work as a public sector investigator do it because they believe it’s important.  They do so despite the fact that easier jobs with better pay are available to them. 

Three Problems with a Passive Manager

Oftentimes, managers think they’re doing their subordinates a favor when they manage them passively.  After all, nobody likes being micromanaged.  The reality is that managers exist for a reason, and when they don’t do their job, the work environment deteriorates.

The Growing Risk of Cybersecurity Threats in Government Agencies

Many investigative groups perform security audits as a part of their job.  But does your team do all it can to protect its own data and network?  Investigators are among the most lucrative targets for hackers, both because their data is sensitive and because much of it cannot be replaced if lost.

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