A component in operating an OIG is gaining trust of the public and conveying an understanding as to exactly what your office does and why your office is essential.  A thorough explanation of procedures in your office and how the complaint tracking process works can help to save time and money by reducing the number of repeat calls to your office and increase satisfaction among clients/customers.

Purposes of your OIG to advise the public about are comprised of several elements.  Your Office of Inspector General is in place to prevent fraud within your agency.  Having an effective, customizable Case Management & Tracking System at your disposal is a first line of defense against wrongdoing.  When misconduct is suspected among a customer/client, employee, or contractor, your OIG is able to quickly step in and investigate any complaint thoroughly.  Audits and reviews are essential as a system of checks and balances in order to maintain the integrity of your company’s services.  Being able to quickly and easily probe into matters and generate investigative reports from your Case Management & Tracking System will assist your company in increasing its productivity and serving your public the way it was intended to.