Although Inspectors General do critical work, unfortunately many citizens are unaware of the work they do.  Part of this may be because effective investigators aren’t fond of braggadocio – they understand that their work requires discretion, and don’t make a habit of oversharing.  Sharing the results of completed investigations with the public, however, is a great way to help support the fact that IG offices save far more money than they cost, and that they do important work that’s worthy of the funding they receive.

One great way to reach the public is through a Twitter account.  Twitter has 67 million active users in the US, and among those users are reporters at news agencies which are eager to find leads from reliable sources – such as an IG office!

Here are a few IG offices which are active on Twitter – take a look at their recent Twitter activity to see how your office could be using the service to better communicate your results to the public!

US Department of Justice OIG Twitter Feed

United States Postal Service OIG Twitter Feed

US Department of Health and Human Services OIG Twitter Feed

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