Michael McCotter was appointed Inspector General of the Illinois Department of Human Services Friday by Gov. Pat Quinn.
McCotter, a 40-year law enforcement veteran, recently was charged with investigating and issuing a report to reform the investigative operations of the DHS Inspector General’s office. He will now take the lead in implementing reforms that will overhaul the OIG office, ensure accountability and strengthen protections for adults with disabilities.  “Michael McCotter’s strong law enforcement experience and dedication to reform will help ensure that any abuse and neglect suffered by citizens with disabilities in Illinois is rooted out quickly and punished appropriately,” Quinn said. “His appointment as Inspector General underscores my commitment to ensuring that all people are treated with dignity and respect.”
Following reports of abuse and neglect earlier this year, Quinn issued an executive order to strengthen protections for adults with disabilities who are suspected victims of such mistreatment and ensure that potential cases will be properly reviewed and referred to the appropriate authorities.
The governor also directed a comprehensive overhaul of the office to ensure accountability and the protection of our most fragile citizens.  He appointed McCotter to investigate the operations of the Inspector General and develop recommendations for reform.  As special investigator, McCotter conducted a thorough review of the OIG’s investigative procedures, policies and cases, and released a report including recommended reforms in October.
The report’s recommendations are designed to ensure the OIG fulfills its mission of protecting people with disabilities.  Based on the reforms proposed in McCotter’s report, Governor Quinn is working with advocates and members of the General Assembly to propose legislation that will restructure and improve the way the state provides investigation, service and support for victims of abuse, neglect and exploitation in the community.
McCotter was previously appointed by Quinn as chief public safety officer for the Illinois Department of Corrections and has served in several senior positions at the Chicago Police Department, including chief of patrol, deputy chief of detectives, commander of special events and district commander.
He has had professional training with the FBI, United States Secret Service and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, among other law enforcement agencies.

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