Recent innovation in technology has brought tremendous success in local, state and federal government investigative agencies in recovering millions of dollars from reported fraud, waste and abuse. Whether the organization is an Office of the Inspector General or a dedicated group of investigative departments such as an Office of Attorney General or a Health and Human Services division, most often dealing with Medicaid or Welfare, superior web-based case management technology has brought greater efficiency in capturing much needed funds that are expected by taxpayers.

Investing in new technology has government agencies taking a valuable step towards an industry wide commitment to improve and streamline protocol. With the development of new government offices, and the consolidation of others due to budget cuts, investigators must explore with due diligence the resources available in leveraging their current technology. The focus of Inspectors should be on the cases themselves and not the outdated use of handwritten or Excel generated spreadsheets leading to inefficient, cumbersome paperwork and research. A new version of CMTS, the Case Management & Tracking System, offers innovative options in reporting, secured data integrity and affordable value and support to the associates in the investigative community.

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An introduction of this technology, CMTS, will enable investigators to make a balanced decision on their time, their data and their reporting. While its reporting capabilities are extensive, CMTS uniquely benefits each of the different roles within your organization. Depending on your investigative role, you will leverage certain features of the reporting process to the specific people necessary in compiling and completing a case. Each Investigator, throughout an entire case, from the hot-line call to the case being closed, can now access all of the information needed at their fingertips, for their entire cache of different cases. Your data is instantly available, in one location, easily accessing all evidence, images and case details within a secure network.

By choosing to view a demonstration of this new technology, your investigative team, the IG or AG can quickly gain a thorough overview of the benefits it will bring to your organizational success. Your ability to effectively delegate case loads, schedule reports and use advanced searching within a superior cross referencing system will drastically improve the reporting process by giving your entire team a comprehensive set of tools, which can be customized and managed over multiple departments.

CMTS leads the market in affordable investigative efficiency for investigative organizations and OIGs across the nation. It is an affordable and robust system that can be quickly implemented on all levels of investigative government, and has a client base which includes Federal, State and local investigative agencies. In as little as sixty days, CMTS, will customize and address your needs in minimizing time spent on cases, justifying expense and budget procurement and be able to generate comprehensive results.