The FBI has been in the news a bit more than normal this week.

The agency has had an uncomfortable year.  While some new controversies were created recently, the biggest controversies are those which are months old, and have been brought to the forefront once again by recent events.  But regardless which FBI decision people are discussing, the conversation centers on a critical question:  were standard operating processes followed?

When it comes to investigative agencies, many of the benefits of standard processes are straightforward – fewer mistakes are made, it’s easier to reconcile data, and it ensures that all actions are being taken fairly.  An article at Quality Intelligence brings up one other major benefit: branding.  The FBI’s diligence and adherence to process are legendary.  They will spend years in pursuit of a single truth.  They do not leak information.  They are professional, confidential, and treat everyone equally – even those in positions of power.  The processes at the FBI are a major part of their “brand” – the public perception surrounding the agency.

This brand engendered tremendous respect among the public, and it instilled fear in corrupt politicians – if the FBI caught wind of impropriety, they would pursue the case to the end of the earth, and they would eventually show the world your wrongdoing.  But in the last couple of years, the FBI has been placed in a series of unprecedented situations, and deviated from these standard procedures.  Once the brand faced this uncertainty, they became a political football, kicked back and forth by members of both parties.

If you’re a member of an investigative agency, it’s a great time to consider your operating procedures.  Are they well-defined?  Are they consistently followed?  Could an agency opponent use weak procedures to insinuate biased decisions by your agency?  If you aren’t happy with the answer to these questions, it’s a great time to ensure that everyone in your office is following the same well thought-out process in all of their investigations!

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