Investigators face a difficult task. For each case they investigate, there’s always more evidence that could be pursued, more facts that could be gathered, or more people who could provide information about a suspect or a situation. At the same time, investigators want to discover all malfeasance, and to gather sufficient evidence for each case to support punishment where warranted. Despite this desire for completeness in each investigation, agencies are judged in large part by the number of cases they are able to process and close.

Because of this, efficiency and mastery must be balanced against each other. How do you increase the efficiency of personnel who should be focused on getting it right, rather than getting it fast?

High-Performing Teams

This eBook focuses on two tactics which can help your agency accomplish this. First, there’s immense value in getting your team on the same page. Doing this requires more than icebreakers and weekly update meetings – it requires an understanding and agreement of the agency’s core objectives by the entire team, and a regular focus on these Achieving great results requires a common understanding of team goals and an environment that inspires focus and execution. objectives.

Once the team is united in their goals, great execution relies on providing them with the tools and the environment necessary to be successful. Fortunately, much research has been done on what activities and environmental factors make individuals and teams more efficient. We’ll explore some of the scientific findings that have been uncovered in the past few years and recent decades.

The good news is that none of these are complicated, and most of them aren’t time consuming. A few afternoons may be all it takes to unlock the full potential of your investigative agency!

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