Gallup’s recent State of the Worker report indicates that employee engagement in the United States is the highest it’s been in years – at 33%.  Two out of three workers in the US are not engaged in the job they do or the company they work for.

Why does this matter to investigative teams?  Low engagement impacts more than just employee productivity.  At best, employees who are “not engaged” are less likely to be concerned enough about their work environment to report waste or wrongdoing to investigative teams.  At worst, they’ll be more likely to commit waste, fraud and abuse because they don’t care how it affects the government agency and are only out for themselves.

Engaged employees, on the other hand, care about the mission of the organization they serve and will go out of their way to improve the efficiency of the organization because they want to see better results.  Notably, employees that consider themselves ‘satisfied’ with their job can also be disengaged – employees can be satisfied with the job duties, the stress levels of the job, or the pay they receive without being engaged in the work they do.

Gallup also reports that 16% of employees are “actively disengaged.” While these employees might be more willing to report wrongdoing than others (as they’re often angry with those around them) they’re also more likely to steal from their employer, negatively influence coworkers and miss workdays.  The more disengaged employees an agency has, the higher rates of wrongdoing it’s likely to experience, and the lower public perception will be of the government agencies that serve them.

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