Case Management & Tracking System, CMTS, is an intuitive case management product specifically designed for Office of the Inspector General organizations.  It provides affordable investigative efficiency to OIGs at all levels.

CMTS costs as little as $15,000 and is currently in place in multiple offices of inspector general.  It is the preferred alternative to outdated techniques of manual case management and more expensive competitor offerings.  An ideal customer is a small to medium sized agency that is in need of a case management technology that promises a return on investment.  Your priorities do not have to change just because your budget has.

CMTS was designed knowing that most small to medium sized organization face growth and change.  Some of the cutting-edge features of CMTS that demonstrate its flexibility and sustainability include the options to modify text and permissions in conjunction with adding roles or fields to case records.

A recent CMTS customer and OIG office stated in their 2010 annual report among other organizational milestones that:

“Investigators fielded a new case management and tracking system, which will serve as a long term information technology solution to document all employee and management complaints, manage the OIG Hotline, track any requests for investigative activity, and provide trend and metric data associated with all OIG investigations conducted. The low cost case management system utilizes commercial-off-the shelf software used by numerous other investigative agencies.”

If you want a long-term tracking solution that will let you achieve more with less, please take a look at our product and then include it as part of your current year or out-year budget planning cycle.   You can contact the CMTS team today or visit for a more detailed price breakdown plus request a demo of the current CMTS product.