Case Management & Tracking System (CMTS) was designed with a small-medium sized OIG’s budget and work flow in mind. At the very least, it does just as the product name implies by managing records and tracking cases. Investigative organizations are able to achieve optimal performance by leveraging the web-based product. It performs with minimal hardware, top of the line security and data integrity.
Based on the feedback and requests from the users of CMTS v2010, CMTS developers have integrated new features into the 2011 version. Its solid foundation and the constant innovation allow CMTS to remain a leading product in its niche marketplace.
New features include an easy method to import case data from spreadsheets, upload templates for reports, automate reports to be emailed and the ability to chart and graph case information. Current customers get new releases of the product updates after they have undergone proper testing and have proven to enhance the system.
CMTS strives to lead the way in affordable investigative efficiency for OIGs and investigative organizations across the nation. The value of the product makes it difficult for others to compete with while making it easy on its customers even under budgetary constraints.
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